Friday, August 3, 2012

Relax and Dream

One more view of the other side of the castle, just to give you an idea of how tucked away the campus is, with many places to explore and have a rendezvous if you so choose. It gets quite dark in late afternoon, due to the forest canopy, so you would need to bring an electric torch. Some parties have been forced to stay out all night, but seemed none the worse for the experience except they apparently had delusions of seeing Faerie Folk. If you chose to stay for awhile you would have plenty of opportunity to relax and dream and perhaps be inspired to write a sonnet or two. In fact, Mr. Shakespeare has been recorded as spending a summer here.

Still, perhaps not your cup of tea?

Charles Robinson — 1911

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Kid said...

Nah! What else you got? Anywhere in the British countryside? And I don't want self-catering.