Saturday, November 14, 2009

Porter's Pinocchio

Hank Porter really deserves a big book dedicated to the spectrum of his work.

Walt Disney referred to him as a one-man art studio. Porter's Disney work is supreme in portraying all the cast players at their very best, whether in wartime insignia cartoons, magazine covers, specialty art for a spectrum of uses, or in the Sunday comics, as here with Pinocchio, December 24, 1939 to April 7, 1940.

Porter was a fabulous talent, with a sub-set-of-Disney cult following.

Is there such a book, and if not, why not?


joe ackerman said...

ah! there it is! I knew you wouldn't let us down, Thomas! I LOVE this strip. I remember reading it the first time, as a child, when it was reprinted in the UK World of Disney weekly comic, long before I saw the film, and being totally swept away. I haven't seen it since. thankyou.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

You're welcome Joe. Isn't it amazing that high quality in art and narrative will appeal to world-wise adults as well as the kids—and stick with them through their lives? There's a lesson here somewhere.

Larry MacDougall said...

Wow !
What beautifully drawn and atmospheric comics.
Thanks for posting these.


David said...

Come visit my two blogs:

Both contain examples of Porter's work.

I am currently writing his biography, with assistance of his two surviving children.