Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pure Gold

Damn. I'm really mad at myself. I mis-credited the last post with the great Krenkel drawing, even though I knew better. I purposely didn't credit it on the main post, because I doubted the caption in the Vanguard Krenkel book. But when the question came in about its source I doubted myself and went with the book caption. I KNEW better.

So now, when I put THESE two images together for the first time, I find a discrepancy that makes me question the source's caption. The Krenkel color illustration below is captioned in Illustration Magazine as The Baths of Khandahar. Whereas the grey-tone study is labeled in Krenkel's writing as a study for Zenobia. Khandahar is an ancient city of Afghanistan, and Zenobia was a 3rd century queen of Palmyra, which is present day Syria.

I suppose Illustration Magazine is accurate with the caption, but now I don't trust anyone's info . . . except for Mr. Door Tree.

In any event, once again, pure Krenkel gold:


RUDHI Rüscher said...

Like G.Moreau today!

Artman2112 said...

i'm sure Mr Tree will have some info about this. when it comes to RGK, he knoweth from whence he speaketh and have the art and/or books to proveth.
this one looks like it could've been partly inspired by Alma Tadema's work.