Thursday, March 4, 2010

Star Watcher

This is a well-known work by Moebius. It's one of my favorites of his, so I would be remiss to not include it here.

Much of Moebius' characterization is androgynous in nature, so I'm not sure if this subject is male or female, but I'm really hoping she's female. I like the storyline that this image sets up, but then lets us take it where we want in our imagination.

Be sure to notice that tiny little person down by the feet.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful... Blue tones perhaps create affinity with Enki Bilal, another of my favourite artists...

Duane Spurlock said...

It's a pretty bold move for an artist to have a horizontal plane and a vertical plane meet near the piece's center point to form essentially an empty box in the upper-right quarter of the frame.