Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beautiful Old Books

This is the last of my warm'n'cozy posts for a while. The weather here has turned balmy and you're probably going balmy from my theme.

I have to complete the theme set with my top-of-the-list source of warmth and coziness — namely setting in front of a gentle fire, reading beautiful old books.

Below is the favorite bookend that I own and, with any luck, what I'll look like in years to come.

photograph © 2011 Thomas Buchanan


Kate Higgins said...

I can't believe you have these Thomas!

I didn't remember those bookends until I saw them but my grandmother (a forth grade teacher) had these bookends and I really believe it was part of the reason I read so much now.
I used to play with the dog, put my fingers in the slippers and wonder...always wonder what he was reading. I would pretend I was small and could crawl into his lap and listen to the most wonderful stories.
If anyone out there know where I can find some of these bookends, please contact me...they were a sweet part of my childhood.

Larry MacDougall said...

The dog is the best part. :)

Annie said...

Hi Thom,

I've just purchased an old book from 1918, and I'm looking forward to receiving it, tenderly turning the pages and reading the stories. These are beautiful bookends!

Eric said...

Beautiful old books are always something special. I just got a first edition of Grant's Memoirs a few weeks ago, and while I don't have the fire, sitting in a warm comfy chair with an old book is always a great joy.

Also curious if I can still post here, since Whirled is still shutting me out...

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Very nice to hear from you all, booklovers all. We should all have a booklovers ball.

joe ackerman said...

yep. looks like Heaven to me.