Thursday, November 10, 2011


An interesting preliminary drawing by W. Russell Flint, in that it is similar to Flint's painting of Maruja, which was posted some time ago here, and yet has the strange title of 'Women Quarreling". Flint could be quite enigmatic.

Sir William Russell Flint — Women Quarreling — pencil

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Annie said...

Hi Thom,

You made me curious, so I did a little research, trying to find a story to attach to Flint's paintings and studies. I came across a novel, Maruja, written by Bret Harte, originally copyrighted in 1885. Here's a nice, readable version of it at Archive dot org:

I found some support of the connection, in this entry:

However, in scanning the text of the novel, I can find little to no connection. Perhaps it was the name of the character that entranced Flint, and some of Harte's descriptions; or, in reality, there is no connection at all between the novel and the paintings.

Maruja was slight and slim and deceptively demure in Harte's novel, a love story in the guise of historical fiction.