Sunday, April 29, 2012


Even when Roy Krenkel drew reconstructions of historical eras of Earth, they looked other-worldly, as out of a dream.

Roy Krenkel — The Golden Age of Pâtaliputra of the Gupta Empire


Cory Hinman said...

His compositional sense was amazing. A friend acquired a Krenkel "doodle" of Pompei projecting a deep space. The viewer stands at one end of a long plaza bordered by the stalls of a market place near at hand which give way to pavilions, towers and temples marching down to docks where stately triremes rest at anchor. The most distant point is Vesuvius, with a thin wisp of smoke ominously rising from its summit. Krenkel combined beauty, power, majesty and tragedy in this drawing of dimensions 3"x5"!

Kid said...

I'd imagine that if we were able to witness such spectacles in real life, they would seem to us as fantastic as futuristic landscapes often do.