Friday, April 6, 2012

Resistance to Progressive Thought

There are a lot of fans of Donn P. Crane's illustrative drawings of the 1930s. And there are even more fans of the Carpenter of Nazareth — so in honor of Easter weekend:

"Even in the shadow of his betrayal and death, Jesus comforts his disciples at the Last Supper in the upper room."

"Jesus before Herod Antipas, whither Pilate sent him on discovering he came from Herod's province, Galilee."

"Pilate shows Jesus to the mob from the loggia adjoining the Judgement Hall. All through history in every nation, great leaders of thought, like Jesus, have stood alone with the crowd against them. It was not a race of people who condemned Jesus; it was the resistance to progressive thought which has crucified great leaders in every race and age, and still often continues to crucify them. Just so the Greeks condemned Socrates. Part of the arch in this picture still exists in Jerusalem and is called The Ecce Homo Arch. Adjoining it is a room in which can be seen today a pavement marked for a game by the Roman soldiers of Pilate's palace when they were off-guard. The Jewish council, or Sanhedrin, could judge Jesus but only the Roman governor, Pilate, could sentence him."

The crucifixion

"The faithful women see Jesus risen from the dead."


Kid said...

Very nice. Happy Easter, Thom.

Annie said...

Happy Easter, Thom. I never read the My Book House series, but it seems a balanced and positive influence in the many areas it covered, from history to fantasy.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Yes, Annie, surprisingly balanced and positive as well as intriguing and informative.

Happy Easter to you!

And to you too Kid!

Leonard Greco said...

These are wonderful, I'm pretty familiar with Crane's work, an ardent fan; but i have never seen these. Are they from the History series? Thank you for posting them and sending belated wishes for happy Easter.
Take care,
Leonard Greco

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hi Leonard!

Yes, these are from the history set. More to come here and there.

Thanks and best to you.