Thursday, March 12, 2009

Overlooked Legend

Some years back, while attending a comic-con, I watched as Joe Kubert wowed the audience, including me, with his talk and demonstrations. But also attending the con was John Severin, legendary EC/Cracked/Marvel artist. He was totally overlooked by the frenzied mob, who were busy mobbing Kubert. I sidled over and talked with Severin, who was good-naturedly bemused by the spectacle. Through the crowd Kubert waved to him. Severin knew he wasn't a star for these kids, who didn't recognize him. But I told him it was a thrill for me to be talking with him, and he seemed appreciative, and we chatted for quite a while, with him asking a lot about my artwork, even comparing notes! Wow.

original King Kull drawing


original Frodo Baggins drawing



Booksteve said...

I don;te even recall where I saw it but I've always liked that Hobbit drawing!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Aha, if you've seen that drawing, you may have read the Mirkwood Times or seen literature advertising Middle Earth prints for Frazetta, jones, or Severin. Thanks for the comment, it's inspired me to do an upcoming post on Mirkwood and Middle Earth.