Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These days Mad readers are used to full-color in all the artwork. Back in the 60's only the cover paintings were in color, and Drucker's work was strictly in black and white...until this 'poster' in one of the annuals. Wow. I studied it time and again, and practiced watercoloring my drawings in a similar palette. This is an amazing assemblage of mid 60's pop culture. Look, Johnny Carson had dark hair then:

And the visual joke of David Jansen as The Fugitive chasing the 'one armed bandit' is/was funny. How does someone design such chaos in such a fun and organized way?

Drucker had the fortune to be caricaturing in the Nixonian era, when balloon-popping began as a national sport:

Below is a double page spread from Playboy. Wow is all I can say whenever I see Drucker art:

Farah Fawcett and her Major(s) running with Jor-el. An everyday occurrence in Drucker's world:

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