Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Such Class

So this is the letter that inspired me to write to the NCS, and as you can tell from the letter dates, I wasted no time.


Unknown said...

I lived in Santa Rosa where Chucky had his studio and he built an ice rink for the city so that every one could play hockey. There are statues of Schultz characters all over town.

I visited the studio several times.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to the syndicates of a couple of major cartoonist, hoping to get them to reprint some material. I wasn't even trying to contact the cartoonists, but my letters were forwarded to them and they made sure to show their reciprocal appreciation. In one case, the response that I got was a Christmas card ostensibly from the Bumsteads, in the other case it was a personal note from Bill Hoest.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Cartoonists seem to be an amiable bunch of folks, always appreciating fans and fanmail. I've heard though, that they get pretty peeved these days when a fan begs for an original and then it shows up on Ebay just a week later. Grrrr.