Thursday, April 30, 2009

La, High Priestess of the Sun Temple of Opar

Joe Kubert was another of my comix heroes to have delineated ERB characters for DC way back when. And so of course, when I had the chance, I really wanted him to depict a grande femme from the ERB canon. And who better than La, High Priestess of the Sun Temple of Opar

Kubert's female renditions have a quality all their own, dating back to the early Hawkgirl, that I'd always admired. So it was a real thrill to sit and watch him swirl this drawing into existence. Many of his drawings of women show them in distress, weeping, hurting, needing rescue—a very sad view of women. But those of his renditions showing women as strong, decisive, independent persons are my highest favorites.

With a long and wonderful career, Joe Kubert is the grand old master of comicdom, the highest order of instructors, the Dumbledore of mentors. He is a great guy.

 I have other originals of Joe's that I will post some other time.

Ooh—La La

La, La, La

Joe's double page splashes were always the best!

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