Friday, April 24, 2009

Near the Top of the List

Above, one of my drawings of Michael Wm Kaluta, as he looked in 1985

For the next few days, I'd like to celebrate Michael W. Kaluta's artwork (don't worry Steven, I'll still do Uncle Walt on Sunday). Mike is a legend of our time, crossing back and forth tween
illustration and comic books, without spilling a drop of ink. His style has always been his own.

Mr. Door Tree, over at goldenagecomicbookstories has recently posted Mike's terrific art from The Swords of Sharazar, and in the past has displayed all the illustrations from Metropolis, a personal favorite of mine. I'm posting two of the Metropolis pieces here from my own scans because I admire them so much. In fact they are near the top of the list of my favorite images of ALL time.

I met Mike back in 1985, at a small convention, and we talked a bit and I got him to sit for some portrait photos. I then drew a couple of portraits and the one above is the first one. I suppose it's not very flattering, but I liked his profile and the lines of his hair and beard.

Mike's artwork, over the years, has been consistently superior and has continually inspired me. I commissioned Mike to create a special drawing for me, which I'll post in a few days. But in the meantime, I'll be posting work you've undoubtedly seen and maybe own, but it's worth seeing again, close-up.

Such gorgeous design and execution. Color treatment is magnificent. The uplight and rendering of face displays a perfect balance of techno-human pathos. 

The piece above belongs in a museum. Mike, this is the best.

Mike obviously has mastered his own brand of art deco. I don't draw like him, but he has inspired me none the less.

This, above, from his famous Studio days.

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Jack R said...

My favorite Kaluta work is Starstruck. Long ago I was lucky enough to get a set of the limited edition prints.