Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Girl in the Garden

With a bit more detail than we ever saw in the comics, I was quite happy with Kaluta's portrait of young Duare. She seems to me to be a blend of Kaluta, Krenkel and St. John.

The fantasy lives.

Thanks again Mike!


Mr. Door Tree said...

Thomas,I have been greatly enjoying your Kaluta tribute and I'm in complete accord with you concerning his art! Michael is my favorite and easily the most consistant of The Studio artists...he was also the most approachable of the group! After first meeting him in 1969 he always seemed to remember me when we've met up since and always spent time talking about art and artists!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

There are a lot of great guys in the business, but Michael would appear to be one of the best. And, it's an odd feeling, but he's now getting to be one of the grand old men of the business. Come to think of it, we ain't getting any younger ourselves. Time doth fly.