Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks

If ol' Ben Franklin woulda had his way:

We useta have wild turkeys come around where we lived. They looked a bit like this:

If only the turkeys had organized early on:

Turkeys are clueless, but so are we:

Yay for the vegetarians:

A time of goodwill and harmony:

A moment of silence for the turkey . . . now pass me a drumstick:


Oh who knows how Saul Steinberg's mind worked?:

Yep, Christmas'll be here before ya know it:

There's that Steinberg mind at work again:

Family and friends is what it's all about:

This prediction is rapidly coming to pass. Now get off the computer and go hang out with your family:

The New Yorker looks at all the angles on holidays:

Even if they kinda nudge the angle over only an inch or two:

I don't watch TV. Do they still do the Macy's thing?
This is a sweet cover:

And a not so sweet cover:

And I just love William Joyce's covers:

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

'Cept you Canadians. Go about your business.


Li-An said...

French people are not concerned by turkeys holocaust :-)

Unca Jeffy said...

Them dang CAnadians got their grub on a month ago.

Happy T-Day...those covers are a great pre-feast feast!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Thenk ye Jeff. We're headin' out now to our annual feast with a house-full of friends. I'm thankful for your posts and comments.

Li-An — for what it's worth, I'm thankful for the French. And I'm thankful you're a viewer of this blog.

Annie said...

Hi Thom,
Great covers! I hope your Thanksgiving has been wonderful. My husband, son and I are vegetarians! We enjoyed everything but the Turkey today, along with lots of family, and good company.

Unknown said...

I love Joyce covers too. I just noticed the cowboy in the BG. Looks an awful lot like Woody from Toy Story. Which would make sense since Joyce worked on some character design for that film and the movie came out in November of 95. Same as that cover. Curious.