Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabulous Coats

Disney's Pinocchio was magnificent in its achievement of art, both in pre-production and final production. Of tremendous benefit to the film was the atmospheric background art of Claude Coats, a long-time Disney studio man. Much of the time he specialized in interiors and still-lifes. Here is some of his fabulous work for Pinocchio:


Larry MacDougall said...

Great post Thom. One of my favourite Disney films because the art was so good, as you've shown here. The backgrounds, layouts, and the animation. One of my all time favourite moments of any Disney film is where Pinocchio is watching Lampwick turn into a donkey - truly terrifying.

Annie said...

These are wonderful, Thom.

Michal Dutkiewicz said...

Absolutely sublime work - and I also enjoy the backgrounds in many of Miyazaki's movies