Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Keep Busy the Little Hands and Little Head

I have no idea if or how Gordon Robinson might be related to the Brothers Robinson — Wm Heath, Chas Heath & Tho Heath. But his work is interesting to me in that none other than Walt Kelly claimed him as one of his early inspirations for his own fairy tale work.

Robinson has a few books with his illustrations out there available in one form or another, but it seems there ought to be more than are currently itemized. I'm going to keep looking for some, but in the meantime you can see a nice example here, from the 1930s, Sleeping Beauty. I'm going to show the whole book, cover to cover, and would claim generosity except that the book is only 10 pages in its entirety. I'm also including some zoom-in details cuz I really like his pen style.

Robinson's work coulda/woulda been great in fairy tale comic books.

Below, for the sake of completism, showing the mostly blank back cover too.

Below the sweet trademark slogan of the publisher:

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Hi Thom,
These are wonderful. Thank you!