Friday, July 15, 2011

Drew Covers

I've told you that I stopped buying and reading new comics for the last few years. I don't even make it a weekly or monthly ritual to check out the new shipments at the comic shop. I still go there now and then to pick up some archives or art books, and MAYbe I'll go look at the DC reboot.

When I did buy any comics for a decade before I gave em up, it was usually for the cover, which I know is a pathetic thing to do, but I AM a person who loves images (who isn't?).

I know there must be some great cover art done these days by some great artists, but I just can't make myself go looking. Well, anyway, some years ago, I was delighted to see these covers (specially that first one) by Drew Struzan, the classic movie poster illustrator.

Yay Drew!

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Jason Johnson said...

Yeah, he was awesome to work with. I did the art in the book. Having Drew on the team is my finest hour in comics.