Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Path Through the Past

In moving our home, I've been going through more boxes of my mom's and dad's. It's a perilous journey, finding a path through the past, with sadness, anger, bewilderment . . . boredom. But once in a while something bright and cheerful pops up. Such as it is with this artifact from my past—a landscape on a masonite board with a thick cut-out (with applied felt) of ol' Pinocchio struttin' down the road, finding his own path.

The very earliest memories of my life include seeing this panel, framed on the wall above my bed (crib?). And here it is, just a little worse for wear.

And here I am, around the age that I first laid eyes on that cheerful Disney icon — me, these days, just a little worse for wear.

Thomas Haller Buchanan . . . age 2 (?) GPOY?
Yes, it's a hand-tinted photo—that's how old I am


Sim said...

Soooo cuuuute you are! :)

Kid said...

Funny how sight of a seemingly long-forgotten object can whisk you right back into the past as if it's only just occurred, eh? Hope you're keeping it - it's a bridge to yesteryear.

Annie said...

Hi Thom,

I'm glad you found something so cheerful. Maybe that very picture set you on the road to art and illustration. You don't seem too happy in your photo (like it is for so many kids photographed in a portrait studio) but you look very, very cute.