Saturday, March 16, 2013

Careening Through the Sky

In his day, Dave Stevens not only revived the look of Golden Age comics, he managed to surpass it in quality at the same time. 
Yow, wotta great back cover!

Dave Stevens — Rocketeer — Starslayer #2 back cover — 1982


Daniel [] said...

That was it, wasn't it? Stevens' Rocketeer was a golden age comic book from a better golden age than had actually been.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Daniel—if, somehow magically, Stevens had lived and worked in the Golden Age, with his abilities, he coulda been King of Komics. Though he would've had to work faster, and maybe that's why true Golden Agers weren't better—cuz they had to churn stuff out so frantically, just to make a living.

Kid said...

I've still got my 'Pacific Comics Presents' issues that continued (from the 3rd instalment, I think) The Rocketeer. I've also got various collected editions from down through the years. What an artist. I think it was through The Rocketeer that I first learned about bettie Page.