Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grow, Grow, Grow My Hair

My last couple posts showed old guys with long hair, and my daughter sent over the jpeg below because I've talked about growing out my beard and hair.  Twenty years ago I had shoulder length hair, and a 'sea captain beard', but it all just got so hard to manage that I've had them quite short for a long time. 

Until now. Being so busy, I've just let my beard grow longer, and I was getting ready to trim it when I saw a really cool image of an older guy with epic long hair and beard. And I thought, well hey, nothing wrong with looking epic, so I'm going to let it all grow for a while and see what turns out. My wife loves long hair or dreds on guys, so maybe I'll get back to being in her favor a bit more, 'cept for the dreds part. They're just not me.

But my beard is just now passing 'Grandpa' length and heading for 'Wizard'. I'm hoping my hair will do likewise, thinning it appropriately along the way. At some point I hope to get a new portrait photo for my avatar/icony thing that will show my progress.


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Sara said...

Love that beard picture although it's too bad that what should be Chaplin's mustache is tainted by Hitler.