Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Bucky Project

Another set of original art that I obtained from Wally Wood, but is no longer in my possession. This must have been for a 'Bucky' project? I love in the sketch how Wood tried a couple of arm positions.

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Booksteve said...

I thought the little guy looked more like Lt. Q P Dahl from SALLY FORTH and apparently I was right. Based on the date, I took the liberty of passing this on to the always helpful Al Sirois who was Wood's assistant at that time and here's his response:
"He might have done that, but I can assure you that I don't remember it... and
that was right in the middle of my time with him; I knew everything he was
doing. This almost looks like a fan copy to me... the machinery doens't look
like Woody's usual style,though the girl's face sure looks like his work. Also,
the zip-a-tone looks pretty Wood-like. I can't place it, which puzzles me..."

"Anyway, that's Q.P. Dahl, not Bucky Ruckus... that much is for sure. Dunno who the female is... he didn't usually do brunettes. It certainly isn't Sally Forth"