Saturday, July 25, 2009

It has Magic

Stephen Fabian, illustrator of sci-fi and fantasy, seems undervalued and unrecognized by many. While his work could be a bit derivative here and there, it has magic. 


Daniel [] said...

I first saw Fabian's work in the '70s equivalent of a science fiction pulp — Galaxy or somesuch. It was beautiful stuff.

A few years ago, I bought a paperback book or two from a seller on eBay. At some point in process, I noticed that the seller's name was “S Fabian”. I casually remarked to him that there was an outstanding illustrator with that name. Well — you guess it — the seller was the Stephen Fabian. I suspect that the book(s) that I'd go were acquired as reference text for illustrations that he did (of Haggard's Ayesha).

(BTW, I remember that the lot had been very conservatively graded and was very well packed.)

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Daniel, I used to collect Fabian avidly from the pulps (Galaxy and Analog), covers and interiors. I can't figure it out, but I've somehow lost or misplaced a really big stack of his work, and the only thing I have now is a hardback collection of ink drawings. I see that one of them is of Ursula Andress as 'She'. You probably have that, but I will post that next, in your honor (and Mr. Fabian's).

Daniel [] said...

I hope that your Fabian collection turns-up. I'd be perpetually frustrated by such a disappearance.

I have at least one book of Fabian's work somewhere. (Most of my books are in storage.) I still have my copies of Galaxy, &c, but I don't recall there being a lot of Fabian illustrations in those that I happened to get.