Monday, July 27, 2009

Zen Zone-Outs

Underground comix helped get me through a difficult adjustment to Army life back in the early 70s. None more so than those created by Fred Schrier and Dave Sheridan. I would come back to my quarters after a rough day and many times unwind by escaping into The Balloon Vendor and Mother's Oats Comix and such. Fred Schrier, who now goes by Alfred Schrier, was my favorite with his goofy, benign, zen zone-outs. He's now a kid's illustrator.  I'll post more sometime, but this back cover one-pager is a good introduction to his comix and to a great idea.

I've posted this extra large so you can get into the detail. Be sure to click on it.


Booksteve said...

Been a fan of the late Mr. Sheridan for years now but just this year discovered Mr. Schrier and their work together. Good stuff!

As to him now doing kids books, it's not unprecedented. I know of a 70's porn producer/director who now designs children's educational video games.

gyro said...

I have always loved that Time Machine strip. Thanks for posting the big beautiful scan!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Ah, you're welcome. My motto is 'Scan unto others as you would have them scan unto you."