Monday, July 20, 2009

Electrified with Excitement

As if you haven't seen enough about the 1st moon landing, these are oversize postcards that I bought 40 years ago today from a street vendor, downtown Chicago. The city was electrified with excitement. 


Mr. Door Tree said...


Great seeing these images...many thanks for posting them! As I write this I'm watching "For All Mankind" (a Doc on the Apollo missions) on TCM co-hosted by Buzz with millions of others I was clued to the TV set watching the landing! A terific, almost magical moment in time! Less than a month later I was at Woodstock...1969 was a heavy year!

Pat said...

My dad had a copy of the Man Lands On Moon cover of the New York Times up in our attic forever; the one negative I found is that it was actually a completely commemorative issue of the Times, 100% dedicated to the Moon Landing, so there was nothing to tie it to what else was going on. It was like an instabook, instead of a real issue of the paper.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Mr. Door Tree, I get curiouser and curiouser about your personal history. I wonder if we might have crossed paths somewhere. Anyway, always great to have you drop in.

Pat, I had all kinds of commemorative publications for the moon landing, from Look to Life, to you name it, (including the New York Times) and kept them safe for years and years. Around the 25th anniversary, no one seemed interested in them at all, and around the 35th anniversary I got rid of all but a couple items. My favorite save though was a Time Magazine that DID tie in what else was going on. I'm going to post some of that in a day or so.