Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion Giant

Antonio Lopez, mostly known as just plain 'Antonio', was a giant in the field of fashion illustration, dominating the trade from the late 70s until his death in 1987. His work was larger than life and many times had a surrealist element to it. Many times he worked from live models, such as this example of Jerry Hall, and built sets much as a photographer would.

I did some fashion illustration in the early 80s, and he was my primary inspiration, even though my style did not emulate his.

Antonio — For Italian Vogue — 1981

More of his work to show up here in 2011.


Larry MacDougall said...

Fabulous ! Even though his work looks somewhat modern now and very modern at the time, you can really see how his line and watercolour style are firmly planted in the tradition of fashion illustration established decades earlier.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Annie said...

Hi Thom,
I like this a lot. I'm also looking forward to more.