Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retro Look at the Future

Another big influence earlier in my career, for both fashion and general illustration was George Stavrinos. His softly modeled pencil drawings were a mainstay of Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's fashion ads, though Stavrinos did not consider himself a fashion illustrator. He was an artist, photographer, commercial illustrator, and filmmaker.

The fashion drawing below was slightly atypical, as it is more mechanical than organic. Almost an homage to the Maria robot of Metropolis, it evokes a retro look at the future.

More of Stavrinos' work also coming up here in the new year.


Porky said...

The past in the future in the past. It's definitely otherworldly - looking forward to the rest.

LC Douglass said...

Lovely image - this theme is right up my alley, as you know.

Jack R said...

He's clearly riffing of of Petty here.