Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All the Young Turks

Because of different camera angles, you probably don't see that much resemblance between the cocky young turk from the last post to the cocky young turk, below, that was me—at the basic same age and rank as my dad was. But we really looked alike, though he was much more fearless than me, though I don't think he ever rappelled out of a helicopter hovering at a hundred feet. Though he faced enemy fire many a time and I never did . . . phew.


LC Douglass said...

Wow Thom, I had no idea you had a military background as well!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Yep. I was drafted during the Vietnam war,so I joined the Army so that I could make a contract as to where I'd be stationed for the 1st two years of my service, the third year being a wildcard ( probably Vietnam). I took a gamble that the war would end during that time...and it did. Instead of running away from my service, I stared it down.

The Army was good to me and FOR me.