Saturday, December 1, 2012


For a while now, until I get caught up with my misbegotten schedule, I'm going to only post random images with little or no comment, and/or little or no information about them. 

The images are randomly filed in my image morgue as they serve as inspiration when my mind is numb—and I apologize in advance if it's an image of yours that I should have credited in one way or another. If YOU feel inspired to comment and/or supply missing information, I always love to hear from you. 

Between my business projects and family plans I won't have time to comment much until sometime in January, though I will try to keep posting up images as often as I can.

Take care of each other, we're all in this mess together.

K. Givian? — unknown title


Sim said...

It looks a lot like a Paul Gauguin's... I like fauvisme.

Anita said...

Beautiful!!We LOVE all you do!!take care of your family and work and we see you soon!!Many hugs!!))

Daniel [] said...

“Contemplation”, which is indeed by Kamal Givian.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Thank you Sim. Me too.

Thank you Anita. Hugs to you.

Thank you Daniel. You are a splendid fount of information.

Unknown said...

A wonderful painting. And a wonderful line: "Take care of each other, we're all in this mess together."
Thanks for everything, Thom!