Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey, I Love This Guy!

By popular request (one of you) (yay), the Robert Crumb introduction to the previous post's komic of Harvey Kurtzman, one of the (great) cartoon geniuses (and there have been so many of 'em) of the 20th century (of course Crumb himself is one of them there), and . . . good lord, I've used so many parentheses in this sentence I forget where I was going with it . . .

Thanks, Sim, for the request. Crumb's intro is worth the time to read, and especially about Mr. Bad Taste  himself, HMH.

Robert Crumb — intro to Kurtzman Komix — 1976

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Sim said...

Enlightening and edifying post Thomas!
Thank you so much! :)