Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sometimes I think I could solve some of the world's problems if I could just have a few days with no distractions whatsoever. Sometimes on my nature walks I think, that's it! That's it! I've solved one of the vexations of (wo)mankind! But then I have no follow-through to  transmorgraphie my thoughts into actions. My mind gets weary and soon I'm distracted by some shining gewgaw with pretty colors. 

The little cartoon sketch below is something I doodled years ago, while I was working on a prehistoric culture exhibit, that reflects my reflections. Most of the time my brain is zombie food.

Really, just a few days with NO distractions, I know I could . . . I could . . . now what was I talking about?



Kid said...

Nice one.

Sim said...

You're pretty good!

Anonymous said...

just checking back on what you have been doing the past few weeks, Thom; I stumbled over this one. First I thought you were lampooning me, but then I noticed that the balloon did NOT read "just a moment ago I think I thought - or did I? - and if I actually had thought, of what implication could I have thought?"
So, I think you were not thinking of your friend (who is always thinking of you)

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hun, I DO think of you, and all my thoughts are one blurry vision as I am making some transitions in life right now. Once I settle down a bit, hopefully in January, I will focus my vision and tell you what I think of the implications of what you've thought . . . I think.