Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Showman of Science

For all his quirkiness, I really miss Carl Sagan — his enthusiasm, his optimism, his writing, his showmanship, his vision, his Cosmos.

And yes, his quirkiness.

Does anyone else miss Carl Sagan?

Time — October 20, 1980


Gabuto said...

(Am I repeating myself?) I certainly
miss him. Here, in Spain, his series was aired in the early eighties, and is one of the milestones of my childhood. Its score often gives me goosebumps, and the Spanish narrator's voice was a particularly moving one, rich and "Neil Diamond-y"

Annie said...

Yes. I used to watch Cosmos, and though there were times Sagan's soothing voice prompted me to fall asleep after a long work day, I was always fascinated with his knowledge and ideas. The movie, Contact, is one of our favorites.

Unknown said...

Definitely miss him too.

Green Morning said...

What a coincidence, I just finished watching the last episode of Cosmos last night. He was awesome.

crimsoncat05 said...

I definitely miss Carl Sagan! I loved watching his show when I was growing up... everyone else would moan and groan at having to watch the show Cosmos in science class in middle school, but I looked forward to it! The turtleneck sweater and corduroy blazer is almost iconic.