Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of Dragon

I know this cave dragon is far afield from a Chinese Water Dragon, but dragons are dragons where e'er they may be.

This image is pulled from The Tale of the Rhine-Gold with Siegfried (I don't know where Roy is) doing his dirty work. For good luck, I suggest NOT killing any dragons this year.

Donn P. Crane — Siegfried Slaying Fafner

" . . . roused fearful Fafner from sleep and out of his cavern he came, a frightful, fire-breathing dragon, bellowing and roaring. The sight roused no fear in Siegfried; it only made him laugh. "Ha, ha!" he cried. "My lure hath charmed forth something lovely!" A terrible struggle ensued, with the dragon's yawning jaws and spouting breath of flame, threatening terrific destruction; but still Siegfried knew no fear; he calmly waited the moment when he could plunge his sword clean through the dragon's heart. Then Fafner's enormous coils relaxed in the stillness of death. Siegfried drew forth his sword and licked from his finger a drop of the venomous dragon's blood. Suddenly he noted that thus he had been made able to understand the speech of birds."


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Annie said...

Thanks for the illustration (dragons are favorites of mine, too), and the quote from the passage.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

A marvelous illustration! Andit seems to be a predecessor of the mangas of today!