Thursday, January 12, 2012


Milton Glaser is my favorite graphic designer/illustrator, though he doesn't consider himself an illustrator per se.

This is a set of 'progressives'.

Milton Glaser — preliminary

Milton Glaser — pen & ink

Milton Glaser — newspaper graphic

Milton Glaser — Woodstock Cultural Center — poster


Larry MacDougall said...

My favourite version of this picture is the first, preliminary one. It is the cleanest and simplest and reads the most clearly - to me anyway.
Thanks Thomas.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Likewise, Larry. I nearly always feel that way about prelims vs finals. Your prelims are always so great!

M. D. Jackson said...

I usually favour my prelims because I can see in them the potential that I was unable to realize in my final version. *sigh*

jf said...

I cast a vote for version 4. The white negative space of the foreground elements makes the whole composition seem more clean and organized. It reads best to me.