Monday, January 2, 2012

Storming Up the Stair

Here is another closer examination of a Sunday panel of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant—just one 'ordinary' panel, but a masterpiece of composition from the 1960s.

Val is battling his way up the staircase, yet is front and center with his men for us to know who the good guys are here, displaying his heraldic horse and all. The perspective and shadows feel proper and the melange of arms and legs are perfectly placed and connected so that we feel a total authenticity to the scene.

Foster was not using models or photos here—you couldn't stage such a scene. This is his mind and hand at work.

Hal Foster — Prince Valiant — panel detail


Manuel Caldas said...

Foster in his last years and still ABSOLUTLY GREAT

Craig Phillips said...


Anonymous said...

Although I admire this artist's skill, I must say I find his style laboured. Later artists, Raymond and Leonard managed the same realism in their panels, but without the academic stiffness.

Art Lover