Friday, January 13, 2012

Playin' an' Singin' Fer Yew

This album is great for the music and great for the cover art by Crumb. There's a lot of memories attached to this album — if only I could remember most of 'em.

This image is all over the internet, but the scans I've seen don't seem to be very good, so I'm puttin' up my scan,—you know, just for a cheap thrill.

R. Crumb — Cheap Thrills — 1968


joe bloke said...

" if only I could remember. . . " oh, I hear that, Thomas! think I might have to dig this out. been the longest time.

docnad said...

Thom, do you still keep a record player? Or is this a case, like my own, of having a few beautiful albums you just can't part with even though you can't play them anymore?

Mr. Door Tree said...


Thanks for the memories...I first saw Janis and Big Brother down at Yale right after the release of this album, they were fantastic that night! The Crumb jacket is one of my favorite record sleeves of all time...the good ole days!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

The good ole daze, indeed Mr. Door Tree!

docnad, like yersef, I have a small stash of great albums tucked in amongst the library of books, just as yew say.

Joe, before I deep-sixed the phono, I transcribed this album to my computer, scratches, pops and all, just so I won't have to go digging. Cheers mate!