Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kinetic Energy

There is great strength in an archer and great strength in an image of an archer, poised at the critical point of greatest kinetic energy — the calm before the storm — and then let slip the arrow fly.

Esteban Maroto

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

(Enzo Duffloco Magni)

Anthony Beauchamp

Robert Mapplethorpe


Duckbutt said...

A great aggregation of women archers! The first one is so rendolent of Frank Frazetta.

Will o'the Glen said...

The comic book cover has an error -- the arrow is on the wrong side of the bowstave! The arrow rests on the knuckle of the first finger (left side of the bow), not on the thumb. (I see this quite a lot. It's a shame that artists get such an important detail wrong.)

That nit having been picked ;^) , what a lovely collection of lady archers! Thanks…

Dariel Quiogue said...

from the way her fingers are arranged i'm guessing she's using some kind of Mongolian draw - in which case the arrow is on the correct side of the bow.

tomp said...

The fully drawn back position is actually thepoint of least kinetic energy (nothing moving) and greatest potential energy (most energy stored in the system)

sorry to be a pedant