Monday, January 23, 2012

Imperial Dragon

This is a newspaper photo of me painting an imperial dragon for a museum exhibition of the "Imperial Tombs of China", with 250 artifacts on loan from 22 Chinese institutions, back (oh gosh) 16 years ago. Yes, I'm really painting here, 12 feet off the ground, not just posing (you can tell by the paper towel in my hand, with which to catch runs and drips) — the paint bucket is just out of sight in this photo. I painted all sorts of large-scale graphics for this exhibit, which I'd like to gather into a specialized portfolio someday.


Kid said...

Lovely stuff, Thom - and nice to see you're actually painting when the photo was taken. On the few occasions when my local newspaper did a feature on me, I was always dismayed by the lack of imagination of the photographer. He'd invariably ask me to stand in front of some of my artwork with a brush in my hand as if I was actually 'creating' on the spot - even when it was pencil drawings or pen and ink illustrations that wouldn't have required a brush.

Larry MacDougall said...

Very cool. The way you look there you could pass for several of my friends, with the glasses and artist's beard - and fabulous dragon too ! :)

Bob said...

I am continually amazed by your range of talents and interests..... And I wish I were able to see the wall paintings!