Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starlight Wonder

Maurice Day really knew his way around an inkpot.

Of several Maurice Day illustrated books that I have, The Starlight Wonder Book is my favorite. This 1923 edition has been enjoyed by others over the years, evidenced by the wear and tear that comes from reading, not negligence.

The endpapers have to be close to my favorite of all time.

Maurice Day — The Starlight Wonder Book — 1923



frontis and title page



Matt said...

Wow! Never saw those illustrations before - amazing work. Of course, I've always been a sucker for line work.

Craig Phillips said...

These are very inspiring. And I had never heard of this artist before now. THank you for the great post!

Annie said...

Thom, These are absolutely beautiful illustrations, and the clever language in the captions, and the excerpt you posted makes me want to read this book for the story itself. The mood of the excerpt and the appeal and complexity of the illustrations seem to be a perfect match. I've just made a request to get a copy through ILL, and I'm hoping my library system can get it for me. Thank you for posting these!