Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ghost-Beast

Wally Wood went through several 'classic' periods of his work. This story, from Marvel's Tower of Shadows #6 - July 1970, was one of his post neo-middle bronze* periods. Welcome to another story from Wally's World.

* I'm just making that up. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Actually, note that this is just about the exact time Wood did his classic try-out page for Foster's Prince Valiant.


joe ackerman said...

damn! well, I won't be posting that one, then!

great strip!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Sorry Joe. I have that happen to me all the time by you or Mr. Door Tree or Pappy or somebody. But ya know, we all overlap and have audiences that the others don't. So don't let me stop you.

Anonymous said...

Beowulf and the team of Stan Lee & Wallace Wood?What a nice combination.Liam

Henry R. Kujawa said...

"the team of Stan Lee & Wallace Wood?"

B***S***!!! Stan Lee had NOTHING to do with this. In fact, After DD #5-11, it's a shock Wood ever came back to Marvel at all.

Doesn't it bother anyone else that Stan Lee is the ONLY editor who always has his name listed FIRST-- even on stories he had nothing to do with-- as if he were some Hollywood film producer? "SAMUEL L. BRONKOWITZ PRESENTS..." !!!

By the way, all 4 of these terrific stories were reprinted in THE MARVEL ART OF WALLY WOOD (1982), slightly larger and on better paper. Marvel had nothing to do with this book (it was licensed by some foreign publisher), and it was one of the rare instances where the reprints no doubt looked BETTER than the original printings.

James Robert Smith said...

The Stan Lee droolies are everywhere. "Team of Stan Lee and Wally Wood"...Bullcrap. Makes me want to puke. Lee never wrote anything except his name on other people's work.

Anonymous said...

This story has a number of swipes from Frazetta's THUN'DA #1 of 1951 (page 2, panel one and page 3, panel one, for starters).