Saturday, May 29, 2010

Confident Style

This Micronauts cover by Gil Kane was produced within the year that StarHawks went into a publishers' blackhole in 1981. You can certainly see that Kane carried on the confident style that he firmly established on the comic strip run. You can also certainly see the influence Farah Fawcett had on women's hair styles.

And I'm certainly not saying that Kane didn't have a confident style prior to StarHawks. It just became even more excellent.


nyrdyv said...

Funny, this is actually the cover that caught my eye and initially started me collecting Micronauts, also.


Steven G. Willis

The Astral Gypsy said...

I believe this was the period when Gil switched to inking with markers as opposed to dip pen and brush, in order to meeting the newspaper strip deadlines, and gaining him a more confidant line in the process.

The Astral Gypsy said...

I believe this was the point when Gil started inking with markers as opposed to brush or dip-pens, markers allowed him to work quicker, to meet the newspaper strip deadlines, the upside was his line got more confident and energetic, more than compensating for the decreased range of line width.

Michael said...

I loved Kane's 1980s work, especially his Sword of the Atom series and his take on Superman, which got me reading those characters again for a short time. A great refinement of his style that made those books stand out as guys like Miller and Sienkiewicz raised expectations for good comics art.