Monday, May 10, 2010

Frazetta Treasure

I had such joy in the 60s on my quest to find every paperback cover that Frazetta ever created, searching mostly 2nd hand bookshops, delving into the deep dusty corners for treasure. The books weren't expensive, but were hard to come by. The ERB books were hard enough, but the others were very obscure. When I did find one, it was a special day. Of course I also had a great time reading the books.

Frazetta's pen & ink frontis pieces were treasured bonuses:

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Pad said...

That book cover is a treat.

Thanks for sharing these. I have a copy of "Rough Work" and find his line work and sketches a joy. Some of his "rough" work reminds me of the illustrations of Edward Ardizzone, who I've been fond of ever since reading Stig of the Dump when I was younger.

I came across your blog recently and have enjoyed so many things, so I always come back! ...and I always appreciate the quality of your scans. So much inspiring stuff - I hope you continue to find the time to for us.