Friday, June 10, 2011


Two of Arthur Rackham's less well known, but delicious, graphics.

Arthur Rackham — Faeries — 1914

Arthur Rackham — Mermaids — 1914


Larry MacDougall said...

Wow ! Well done Thomas. Both of those are fabulous and also new to me. Thanks a ton for those.

Pat Ann said...

Oh I love the fact that you post nice big images on your blog! I can really sit back and devour these two Rackham paintings!

Eric said...

Just wonderful stuff.

Oh, to answer your question on Whirled: Yes, I'm still reading and enjoying. But I still can't comment over there for some reason.


Annie said...

Thank you for these. They are also new to me. I love them both, but in the top one the little fairies are extremely cute, and even though he didn't put a face on that tree, it looks like it could start moving and talking!

Faff said...

Mermaids has long been one of my favourite Rackham works and it always grieves me that I lent and lost the book I had it in. thanks for sharing

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

To lend and lose is a fate no book should have.