Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Has Everything!

Here's another colorful graphic from 1934.

It was an amazing time. Deep into the Great Depression, people were still scrambling to survive, and clouds were gathering for the next world war (Hitler became Commander-in-Chief of Germany)—yet people were flocking into escapist fantasies from Hollywood to the planet Mongo (Flash Gordon debuted that year). Donald Duck also debuted in 1934 and Babe Ruth hit his 700th career home run, etc etc.

An amazing time.


buzz said...

The next time HOLLYWOOD PARTY is on TCM, watch it! It's a pretty funny ensemble comedy built around a very expensive musical number cut from another movie. Rather than throw it away the studio decided to do a cheap comedy about a jungle hero movie star (Jimmy Durante as Schnozzaz) throwing a big party (the musical number being the centerpiece). Oodles & oodles of Hollywood stars of varying calibers show up, including the 3 Stooges AND Laurel & hardy! (the only time the 2 comedy teams ever appeared together).

John Smith said...

Sadly, this film was one that led to the Breen Commission's film code, giving the law carte blanc to censorship. In the opening sequence, there are two shots of implied nudity. The film was one of the last in the pre-code period. Very sad.