Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fairy Aids

Magazine ads used to be like unto a fairy tale.

Willy Pogany — Djer-Kiss ad — 1922


joe ackerman said...

my internet was down for a wee bit there, so I've not been in for a few days. and what a way for my return to be greeted! that is truly beautiful. my knowledge of Will Pogany is slight, to say the least - the only stuff of his I know is what I've seen on Mr. Door Tree and your own sites - but I grow to love him more and more, and this has to be my favourite of his so far.

thankyou, Thomas.

Annie said...

I have to call this one very "cute," but I do like it, especially the figure of the woman fairy, as opposed to the various cherubs; and I like the design of the ad.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hi Annie—
I don't like cherubs, but I thought this was fun that these guys are actually little fauns, earthbound--having to climb and scamper, not float and fly.