Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art is Art

This painting comes awful close to infringing on that 'painter of light' guy (oh geez, did I violate his trademark by using those words here?). There is a certain quality to the light in this painting that makes the architecture interesting, yet there is an indefinable quality that borders on pandering to 'popular' tastes. There are some that would call this 'great art' and there are some that would call this 'schlock art' (jig-saw puzzle art). Art is art, yet how does one deal with this issue in appreciating the hard work of a productive painter?

Andre Andreoli (1933—2001) — Wassenaar, Holland


Kid said...

Absolutely stunning.

M. D. Jackson said...

"Jig-saw puzzle art". That's good!

This Little Piggy Painted the World said...

i have been to Wassenaar, this is a great representation of it :)

i think your funny, and you ask a great question, one i constantly ask myself every time the annoying 'painter of light' clock chimes at my stepmoms house...ugh