Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mirk-Wood Times

Thinking of John Severin had me leafing through some old materials and I came across this interview with him in the old Mirk-Wood Times from March of 1973. Anybody here remember The Mirk-Wood Times? What great times (Mirk-Wood and otherwise) back then, throughout the world of comics and fantasy.

John Severin — self portrait

". . . For I am . . . Death!" sends chills up my spine.


Kid said...

Interesting article, Thom, thanks for publishing it on your blog. Can't remember if I ever heard of the Mirk-Wood Times, but it definitely needed a proofreader.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

The Mirk-Wood Times was an effort of love (of comics and fantasy) by the same publishers as the 'Middle Earth Portfolios', who commissioned the gods themselves to create immortal art (Frazetta, Jones, Severin, etc) for publication.These publishers were (and are) friends of mine, and through them I met some amazing people, not one proofreader among them.