Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swimsuit Issue Time (Again)

One of the great marketing ploys of our time, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has been romping through newsstands since 1964. It rode the crest of a popularity wave back in the '80s, but is still going strong, even with pictorial competition from throughout the internet. Has anyone ever bought a swimsuit based on seeing it, or barely seeing it, in the pages of the magazine?

Walter Iooss has been a stellar photographer for a long time and sets a pace that's hard to keep up with. Here he photographed Paulina Porizkova and shared some insight with wannabe photographers. Porizkova was just 19 for this shoot and some will say she was responsible for the term SuperModel to be coined.

The newest swimsuit edition will be out soon, but I for one lost interest in it some years ago, though I'll never lose interest in the basic subject.

Walter Iooss — Sports Illustrated fold-out cover
February 1984

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Anonymous said...

Paulina P. my teenager dreamgirl!

thanks for bring it back to my memory :D