Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Speaking of Batstuff, and speaking of trucks barreling our way on a collision course—here is a nifty cover drawn by the 'good Batman artist', Dick Sprang, back in the 1950s, but was never used as an actual cover. It's an exciting premise with a dynamic perspective rendering and I can only think that the editors didn't want to show Batman without showing his face. But if so, how did it get this far—inked and pasted up?

I dunno, but oh I love the Dick Sprang oeuvre of Batstuff.

Dick Sprang — 1950s


Glen Story said...

That really is a great cover.. works well in black and white, too! I'll bet you're right about Batman's face not being shown.


Bob said...

I like that cover quite a bit!

joe ackerman said...

bat-tastic stuff, my man!