Saturday, December 10, 2011

White Bear King

An out and out homage of Kittelsen by the ever great William Stout.

Have I ever mentioned what a big fan I am of Stout's artwork?

William Stout — White Bear King Valemon — after Kittelsen

Theodor Kittelsen — Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon — 1912


docnad said...

I don't think I've ever seen a bad drawing by William Stout. Here Kittelsen presents a fantastical atmospheric image, while Stout's version is a forceful and powerful graphic statement.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Yes, it's almost shocking to see the difference between the two versions, and then almost shocking to see the similarities.

Annie said...

I enjoy it when you post comparisons. They each evoke a completely different feeling. Kittelsen's bear is friendly, and the figure innocent and dreamlike. The scene is pacific. Stout's bear is fierce and menacing, and the woman aloof and domineering.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Nicely & concisely analyzed, Annie.

Craig Phillips said...

Both are gorgeous! Thank you for posting these.